We welcome you to Chattanooga Valley Elementary School, home of 500 wonderful student Eagles!  I am Heather Culberson, Principal of Chattanooga Valley Elementary.  I have had the honor of serving as CVE Principal for 10 years and CVE Assistant Principal for an additional 5 years.  Before coming to Chattanooga Valley Elementary, I was a Walker County teacher for many years. 

Over the years, we have witnessed growth and changes in our school, community, and students; however, one characteristic remains constant- our purpose.  Students and learning are at the heart of everything we do at Chattanooga Valley Elementary.  We pride ourselves in providing a caring school atmosphere that honors our students' individuality and maintains high expectations for learning.  I encourage you to learn more about Chattanooga Valley Elementary and the exemplary staff and students that make us who we are!


Welcome to our Future Eagles!  Please access the virtual tour for future CVE (kindergarten) students!  The video link provides a virtual tour of our kindergarten classrooms for students who were not part of our in-person pre-k tours.  We can't wait to meet our students in-person at our 2022-2023 CVE Open House!





Walker County Students are #1

Click on the link to access our 2021-2022 Annual Title I Meeting (recording and presentation slides):


CVE 2021-2022 Title I Annual Meeting (recording)

CVE 2021-2022 Title I Annual Meeting (slides)

** A translation of the video will be provided upon request.  To request translation, please send an email to heatherculberson@walkerschools.org. **

You may access the Georgia School Grades from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement at the following link:


Chattanooga Valley Eagles

CVE 2021-2022 Student Supply List

Chattanooga Valley Eagles Photo Gallery