Chattanooga Valley Elementary is home to 530 hard-working, amazing Eagles. Our school serves grades Kindergarten-5th, along with a Special Education Pre-K class. We are located in Flintstone, Georgia in the Chattanooga Valley area. Chattanooga Valley Elementary is a Title I school.

In 2014, Chattanooga Valley Elementary was recognized as a “Red Feather School” and honored by the United Way. Additionally, Chattanooga Valley Elementary was selected as one of nine schools in the state of Georgia to implement (cohort 2) Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT). We are very excited to provide data-driven academic training for all of our parents (K-5). At APTT meetings, parents attend sessions led by their students’ teachers, in which learning benchmarks, progress data, take-home strategies, and goal setting are addressed. We are very excited to see the tremendous growth that every CVE student will attain!